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Our Story

Zeptogreens was founded as a Sole Proprietorship in 2019 with headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana, specializing in growing a wide variety of greens, in precisely controlled conditions using sustainable lean farming methodologies. The company was originally started with a mission to provide locally and sustainably grown, nutrient rich and healthy microgreens, baby greens and full-grown greens. The company leveraged vertical urban farming techniques under controlled conditions and followed rigorous lean production processes to grow our microgreens, helping us reduce waste, achieve quality while maximizing productivity. The controlled environment ensures continuous monitoring of air temperature, relative humidity, air circulation, vapor pressure density and CO2, rendering an ideal environment for the greens to grow. With focus on bringing highest quality greens to the market, the company sources Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated And Non-GMO seeds for growing our microgreens and hybrid seeds from reputable suppliers for other greens.


With growing emphasis on food security and higher consumption levels, the need of the hour is sustainable and profitable farming. We would like to excel in the science of making use of every space available, urban and rural so that future generations are not left scrambling for food.


Propagate the use of lean farming methodologies/techniques to give an edge to domestically evolved products and services and turn them into state of art methodologies most suitable for optimizing Indian needs. The focus will be on protected farming in the form of semi-controlled greenhouses and playhouses.

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Zeptogreens Autonetics is not just another farming technology company. We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of farmers and the environment