Frequently Asked Questions

Our farm is located in Chinna Mangalaram, Hyderabad. An hour from Downtown Hyderabad.

At the moment we are delivering to all the major locations in Hyderabad

Keep your greens refrigerated as soon as you get them. To get the most out of your greens, eat them as soon as possible. If you can’t eat them straight away, eat your greens within 5 days of purchasing them.

We would be happy to welcome you at our farm in chinnamangalam – Hyderabad, request you to book your appointment by dropping us an email @

We use 90% less water and 50% less land because we grow hydroponically and vertically.

There’s no need to wash anything! Zeptogreens’ greens are all ready to consume. Our greens are cultivated in a controlled atmosphere within greenhouse farms.

Although Zeptogreens is not yet certified organic, we strive to grow in the most natural way possible. In our greenhouses, we use no pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides, and all of our produce is non-GMO project certified.

We use 90% less water and 50% less land because we grow hydroponically and vertically. 

Inside greenhouse farms, Zeptogreens are grown hydroponically. We begin with seeds, which we put in a soil-free medium. We let the plants grow on top of water, in the sun, in a controlled temperature greenhouse, and through the water, we provide them with the vitamins and minerals they require.

Orders cannot be modified, canceled, swapped, or refunded once they have been placed. Due to the nature of farming, our farm will begin harvesting your order shortly after it is placed.

We’ve discovered that storing celery in water works best. Cut off the bottom, root end, and tops of your celery to clean it. Place your celery in a watertight container after cutting it to the desired length.

Please refer the product page for nutritional information on the specific varieties we grow: https://

Zeptogreens greenhouses are not the same as traditional agriculture. Indoor farms help keep plants away from animals, so we don’t have the same level of infection risk as field grown farms. This significantly reduces the risk of contamination.

No! We don’t use any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides on our greens. We can utilize Integrated Pest Management to control pest damage in the greenhouse without using pesticides or insecticides.

First, we can provide fresh local greens year round. An indoor, controlled environment allows for less exposure to pests. Growing in water eliminates soil contamination and allows us to control the input materials that go into the greens.