At our state-of-the-art greenhouses, we use our innovative technologies to grow healthy crops and deliver fresh produce at large scale in a sustainable fashion. The controlled environment greenhouses ensure continuous monitoring of sensor and control parameters that renders an ideal environment for the greens to grow. We secure quality and traceability at every step from seed to store.

Food safety is our main priority. We strive to supply the highest quality produce possible and strive to improve every day. Zeptogreens Autonetics Pvt Ltd desires to build a business through hard work and a focus on quality and safety of the community.



Hydroponically Grown

Pesticide Free

Clean & Fresh


Rich in Flavor & Taste

Higher Nutritional Value

Our Technology

Hydroponic is a now preferred over traditional method of growing plants, as it offers a number of benefits,

Hydroponics is soil-less method of farming using nutrient-rich water-based solutions. This semi-controlled farming method consumes less space (less than 50%), less water (less than 90%) and gives higher yield, compared to the traditional open field farming methods. Plants that are grown in well-managed hydroponic systems are thriving.

Automation Solutions

Controllers will automate all aspects of your grow operations from dosing irrigation, lighting, fertigation & climate control

Real-time Monitoring

The cloud-based monitoring dashboard allows you to keep an eye on your farming operation, be it domestic or commercial

Affordable Quality

Setting up an automated domestic or commercial hydroponic farm for growing greens doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition

Sustainable Farming

The resources like water, nutrients, power, and even human effort are conserved, translating to a sustainable farming model

Food Safety

One common concern is whether hydroponic produce is healthy compared to open farm produce. Controlling the nutrition levels of the plant precisely with major nutrients and trace elements results in plants that are nutritionally superior as compared to those that are grown in a traditional open farm.

Environmental Safety

Another concern is whether hydroponic nutrients safe for the environment and for the plants themselves. Automated dosers use precise amounts and ratios of nutrients as required by different plants at each stage of growth.

Food Taste

Another factor of stigma is around hydroponic crops being less flavorful. However hydroponic produce tastes better than the food farmed in open farms.

Farm Automation Software
Zelinium helps with all aspects of the farm operation end-to-end, increasing profitability through better weather forecasting, crop planning, crop yield and profit forecasting.

Monitors & Controllers
Tayrix offers a range of sensors and controllers to help farmers maximize their crop yield by better managing the vagaries of nature. The open farm sensors offered cover soil monitoring, climate monitoring, leaf monitoring, wind monitoring and rain monitoring.