Precision Horticulture Farming

Designed to increase long term, site-specific and whole farm production efficiency productivity and profitability while efficiency, productivity and profitability while minimizing unintended impacts on wildlife and the environment. Precision Horticulture is useful for adopting the systems of integrated management of soil, health, nutrients, pests,water,energy ad different crop genetic resources.

Precision Farming focuses on maximizing production, minimizing resource consumption while also causing minimum impact on the environment by precise irrigation and fertilizers. Precision farming enables advanced digital tools and breakthroughs in big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to fast-track value creation by saving on input costs.

Precision Farming is gaining tremendous popularity among farmers due to the increasing need for optimum crop production with limited available resources. Further, the changing weather patterns due to increasing global warming have impelled the adoption of advanced farming technologies to enhance farm productivity and crop yield. The major objectives of using this approach are to:

‣ Gather farming data, including historical, predictive modeling, and               environmental
   insights, to choose suitable crops with higher yields.
‣ Measure the performance of the farm by capturing data in real-time.
‣ Use digital farming data (soil, crop health, weather, etc.) to provide the      exact amount
  or water, nutrition, and optimize pest control.
‣ Increase the farm’s economic and environmental sustainability.
‣ Predict weather changes and react to them proactively