Full-Stack technology-enabled Agri products and services to help growers automate the crop cycles, continuously maintain optimal conditions and improve farm incomes.

Precision Farming is gaining tremendous popularity among farmers due to the increasing need for optimum crop production with limited available resources. Further, the changing weather patterns due to increasing global warming have impelled the adoption of advanced farming technologies to enhance farm productivity and crop yield.

The Precision Farm-In-A-Box is a fully self-contained weather-sealed containerized environment that monitors weather conditions, soil conditions, foliage growth, and controls the fertigation cycles. This helps with the maximum possible yield of marketable production from the given quantity of Inputs.

IoT based sensor nodes collect data about solar radiation, temperature, soil condition, humidity, CO2 and pest infections. This data is used to estimate the optimal amounts of water, fertilizers, and pesticides the crop needs, reduce expenses, and raise better and healthier crops.

The Renewable Energy based precision Farm-In-A-Box has the following submodules 


Digital tools enable a grower to integrate with geospatial tools for hyperlocal data and alerts


Improved decision-making efficiency due to access to valuable long term data.


Cloud-based technologies enable data access anytime from any device.


By adopting centralized command-and-control tools, farming teams can tell precisely when to irrigate a given field.


One of the biggest benefits of adopting precision agriculture is to optimize pest control and use chemicals only when needed.


Monitor a wide range of metrics — including rainfall levels, the number and the nature of nutrients that crops,soil samples, fertilizer inputs.

Plant Growth Promoters improve the root growth and thus enhance the accessibility of micro-nutrients to the roots of host plant, thereby improving the overall plant growth and crop yields. They promote cell division, cell enlargement, flowering, fruiting and seed formation. Our unique products work cohesively to improve yield of produce. They are being widely used for Agriculture & Hydroponics for sugarcane, maize, jowar, red chilly, sunflower, all vegetables and many more crops, showing excellent results.

At our climate controlled greenhouses, every crop is precisely cared for. We provide fresh and nutritious produce year-round, with consistent flavor and outstanding quality, all farmed with minimal environmental effect, thanks to our innovative and sustainable growing system.

Precision Livestock Tracking is an innovative approach to raising animals that use modern technologies to gather data about every animal on a farm and use that data to optimize the management practices by either reducing inputs or increasing the overall farm productivity.

Like all technologies, technologies are constantly evolving with every passing day. Many are adopted and highly successful across numerous farms everywhere while some are in their early developmental stages